BWGC Custom and



Custom Pickup Options and Ordering Procedure

Custom Options:
Custom wood bobbins (ebony and flame maple are readily available, email us for information on custom wood choices) - $25/pickup
Multiscale Pickups specifically designed for your application - $35/pickup
Custom Colored Bobbins Email us for more information on available colors - $5/pickup
Beyond Eight ERG Pickups We can manufacture pickups with few limits on strings. Email us to discuss your options for 9+ string pickups - $???/pickup
Custom Voicing We generally stick to our standard voicing options on our pickups, but we do have the ability for some flexibility in this regard. Email us to discuss options - $???/pickup
Custom Ordering Procedure:
Okay, so you've figured out which BWGC pickup model you're interested in, and you've got an idea of the custom options that you'd like (wood bobbins, multiscale layouts, etc.) and you'd like to get a price quote, all you have to do is email us with the following:
  • Bobbin material/color/wood species desired
  • If Multiscale, please send us the parallel fret location, bass and treble scale lengths, and string spacing at the bridge and nut
  • If you're after a custom voicing, please give us as clear and articulate a description you possibly can of what you're looking for. Do note: We don't manufacture clones of other pickups, although using other pickup models to describe the tonal region you're trying to arrive at is perfectly fine
  • Include any other pertinant information about your custom order so we can give you a quick response on whether or not it is within our wheelhouse or how much it would cost/what the lead times would look like
Contact us!
Once you've emailed us and we have issued you a quote, we'll issue you an invoice via PayPal.